Yoga and Running: Made for Each Other

Did you know that yoga holds a lot of benefits for runners? Runners can benefit from yoga both physically and mentally. Let’s have a closer looks at the many benefits of yoga for runners:

Strength: Yoga practice involves using all the muscles thus providing total body balance. Many of the poses use upper body strength. A runner will become better and faster when his upper body muscles are strong as well.

Improved Breathing: Yoga improves your breathing, which comes quite handy for runners. The better the lung capacity, the longer the runner can run.

Stability: A good runner needs to have a stable body. Yoga helps in improving stability of every body part. This includes hands, wrists, lower trapezius, quadriceps and many more.

Flexibility: One of the biggest benefits of yoga is that it improves flexibility. This is the biggest reasons why many runners try yoga. With increased flexibility, a runner can enjoy less stiff muscles which assist in ease of movement. Flexibility also decreases the chances of pains and aches. Flexibility is someone that we give up when we age if we don't use it; so use it.

Mental: Yoga is a mind-body exercise effective for reducing stress, anxiety and depression and improving brain function and mental health. It does this by causing you to focus on the here and the now thus limiting brain activity on our everyday stress. The direct result is mental relaxation results in slowing down rapid breathing, moderating heart rates, and reducing blood pressure.

A Complete Body Workout: Yoga is a workout that makes use of every muscle and joint in your body. This includes the small muscles in your toes and hands and the large muscles in your torso and legs. In addition to that, all of your body’s systems get to work out during yoga which includes you skeletal, cardiovascular, endocrine and respiratory system.

Most people start yoga for the stretching and stay for meditation. Try it.




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