Why Weight Training Is Important to Runners

If you are a beginner or an experienced runner then you should not ignore the importance of weight training to render the best possible results.

Strength training is extremely important and should be added in your workout routine for just few days a week. It can render a number of benefits including improving your muscle to fat ratio, strengthening bones, and boosting your energy level resulting in optimal weight reduction.

Weight training improvises your body composition and helps you in maintaining or increasing the lean body mass into muscles. It can also reduce the amount of fats in your body by burning additional calories and as a consequence results are more evident and sharp.

Let us go in depth of the whole scenario by looking at all the individual points that can make a whole lot of a difference to your body look.

If your body is muscular, it will burn more calories whereas a fatty body will burn fewer calories throughout the day. This is true when being active and more importantly when you are rest. The reason behind this is simple, fat burns nothing when body is at rest whereas the muscles uses oxygen. If you increase the amount of muscles in your body, then the body’s ability of using more oxygen will increase. As a result, your body will be able to burn more calories than before.

You will find that your results will come faster and clearer. If you increase strength training, then your muscle mass will be increased and body fat will be cut down.

The next benefit is strength and stamina that will be enhanced by adding weight training to your running routine. It can help you in the long run faster and efficiently. Your body’s strength, endurance and stamina will be enhanced manifold if you pair resistance training exercises with running for 2 to 3 days a week.

You can pair chest strengthening, abs, squats, and leg strengthening exercises to your workout routine. A runner must have a better and long term stamina and endurance to run for long miles. While this can be done without weight training and strengthening exercises, you are reducing muscle mass which has negative effects as you age.

The goal of weights is to increase your metabolic rate of converting waste into energy that will make your body more active and efficient.

Strength training or resistance training also increases the stability of your joints. It makes your body more flexible and risk bearer. Weight training reduces the risk of injuries that your lower body is vulnerable to while running. When your lower body and specially calves, knees, and feet become strong and stable you can easily run long miles.

Leg strengthening is important for reducing injuries as it strengthens the muscles around knees and hips which are the two main problematic areas for runners.

Additional weight training exercises and strengthening exercise will keep your body active and make it more perfect for running activity. These also benefit the cardiovascular system of your body in the beginners who have just started in the game. So it is a must for beginners to add this workout routine in their running schedule.

Many runners, especially women, worry about getting “big” from weight training. This should not be a real concern. It is in fact hard to get big. You would need to partake in serious calorie surplus, primarily with proteins, to grow and maintain mass.

Running, by its very nature of intense calorie burning, causes a calorie deficit. That calorie deficit will tell your body to use more fat to maintain your energy levels thus making you lean-up at an even faster rate.

While weight training would not benefit your average marathoner, it will help those with the goal of weight loss or general overall fitness. When you’re 70 years old, you will be grateful that you did incorporate resistance training into your routine.




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