Safety First: Run well, run safe, run smart.

Run well, run safe, run smart:

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Strange things do happen. And bad things to do happen to good people. With that in mind, here are a few safety reminders for joggers and runners.

1. Making it home is a priority

We jog to get and to stay in shape but being in shape doesn’t matter if you don’t make it home in one piece or at all. So while your inclination is to pass this off as just a another list, please remember that your number one priority is making it home.

2. Start and return times and routes.

Phone or text someone, anyone, your expected start and stop times and the route you are taking. Give them a deadline that if they don’t hear from you to come looking.

3. Take pepper spray if you going away from the main path

Running at the beach probably doesn’t require pepper spray. Running on an unfamiliar road or in an unfamiliar city or in the dark may. Most don't like with jostling of the extra gear but with a wide variety of fanny packs these days and with smaller and more powerful spray cans, there is no excuse not to carry these days.

4. Avoid running with music players

I have a hard time with this one as I hate the sound of my breathing. It makes me tired (LOL). Again, this is your call, but be smart about what you may need to hear (ie cars) and when you are running (at night when you need to be more aware.)

5. Change up your routine.

This is not just for the paranoid.

6. Be aware of your surroundings.

If you must run in the evening, be sure you are running in well lit areas. Be sure that you are wearing reflective tape along with headlamps and a blinking rear light.

7. Run against the traffic.

Drivers can’t see you. Drivers get distracted. And so on. Even if they are wrong, you loose so avoid cars altogether. I was hit on my bike by a car. Even though she never saw my yellow jacket, my bob trailer, the tall flag sticking up from the trailer, and all my reflective gear, I still lost.

8. Run across the street at crosswalks and always pay attention to traffic lights.

Drivers have a bad habit of not looking for pedestrians. Be sure to make eye contact before crossing in front of a car.

9. Run with a friend.

Find a running buddy. Take them along for fun and conversation. If you don’t have a running buddy or you don’t know how to find one or the one you have is too fast or too slow, then join a running club. Just don’t run alone in the dark.

10. Share your Find-My-Phone log in information.

Share your Find-My-Phone log-in with a trusted friend or family member. Should something happen, make sure that you don't toss the phone or let someone know that you have it. Try and text you need help and then hid the phone. Here is an example on how to set up your phone.

11. Join a running group.

You can find a good one on our Group Listings.

Writing this list makes me sad. Sad that we even have to worry about these things but reality is that we do. And reality is that we have loved ones that need us to be around for them. So prudent behavior says that even though we would like to brush off these suggestions, bad things do happen to good people as with the story above.

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