Announcing the Amanda Grandfield Collection at - Motivation, Inspiration, and Affirmation

Share the love with our new active gear collection designed by Amanda Grandfield. The Amanda Grandfield athletic collection is exclusive to

If you are looking for the ideal holiday season gift for someone that loves to get up and go, be sure to visit the Gear Store. The Amanda Grandfield Collection has launched with 5 new designs for the 2016 Holiday Season. The designs can be found on traditional cotton as well as our wicking products.

"Feminism is alive and well in the world of fitness as more women are embracing the long-term benefits of exercise over the bikini body and that is positively changing the physical fitness industry. However, just because women are working out for themselves, it doesn't mean that women can't look good while doing it," says Amanda.

At you can find everything you need for the advanced, intermediate and the beginner female athlete. may be the name, but we are all about over-all fitness and well-being including strength, flexibility, mental, nutritional wellness, and of course movement. So whether you are an experienced high-level athlete or just embarking on campaign for a new you, aspires to be your daily affirmation, motivation and inspiration partner. Get off that couch and let's get moving.

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